A whole new approach

At The Mind Trust, we believe producing dramatically better results is possible in Indianapolis Public Schools, the city's largest district.  But to get outstanding results, we need to take a different approach to how the district is run. 

In December 2011, The Mind Trust released a groundbreaking report proposing a new approach to running IPS. At its heart, our report, "Creating Opportunity Schools: A Bold Plan to Transform Indianapolis Public Schools," proposes giving schools autonomy so that talented teachers and school leaders would have the freedom to do whatever it takes to help students learn.

The report has propelled a tremendous amount of discussion about the best path forward for IPS, including generating more than 90 media stories in 2012, sparking a series of more than two dozen community conversations about how to improve the district, and framing the discussion in the 2012 IPS board elections.




IPS operates from a top-down leadership model. In my opinion, this is one reason why IPS, and I, have failed our students.

-Susan Pattee, veteran IPS Teacher, in The Indianapolis Star, Jan. 20, 2012

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