A national reach

Over the past several years The Mind Trust has become one of the nation's leading city-focused education reform organizations. We are eager to share our lessons learned with reformers in other cities, but we also still have lots to learn ourselves. That's why in 2010 we recruited several peer organizations from other cities to join a new network that we founded called the Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust (CEE-Trust).

CEE-Trust is a growing national network of 34 city-focused foundations, non-profits, and mayors' offices that work together to promote education innovation and reform. Acting as a convener, collaborator, and consultant, CEE-Trust helps cities across the country establish strong conditions for education reform.

  • Convening: We gather the full CEE-Trust network annually and lead smaller working groups on topics like supporting the launch of excellent charter schools; developing innovative school models; and reforming school governance. Through our various gatherings, we share lessons learned, foster communication, document best practices, and help cities improve their efforts to drive the education reform agenda forward.
  • Collaborating: We help members explore new reform strategies, develop and execute collaborative projects, and partner with education innovators looking for opportunities to expand their programs.
  • Consulting: We provide consulting services to city-focused groups that are interested in developing education-reform strategies informed by lessons learned through CEE-Trust's work with our members.

To learn more about CEE-Trust please visit www.cee-trust.org.

Click below to watch the CEE-Trust introduction video.  


Because urban education is a rapidly moving space, around the country there are all kinds of new best practices happening. CEE-Trust provides the opportunity to have candid conversations in order to learn important lessons and take them back home to apply to our own work.

-Kristen McDonald, program director for education, The Skillman Foundation in Detroit