Our Goal: Double the Number of Students Attending a High-Quality School15000_graphic

Today, just 15,000 of the 45,000 kids within Indianapolis Public Schools boundaries are enrolled in high-quality public schools. Over the next seven years, our community has the opportunity to double that number to 30,000 students by 2023. The Mind Trust’s Grow Great Schools campaign will help turn this vision into reality. We will work to raise $32 million by 2019. This will provide an additional 7,500 students within IPS boundaries the opportunity to attend great public schools and get us halfway to the ultimate goal of 15,000 additional students in high-quality seats by 2023.

The Three Pillars

The Mayor’s Office, IPS and other community partners are doing great work to provide more great schools in our community. To build on this great work, we have developed a comprehensive strategy for growing great schools and ensuring their success involving three pillars:

Pillar One: Launching Great Schools

The Mind Trust will equip a diverse corps of some of the nation’s best education innovators to launch great schools with guaranteed autonomy and strong accountability for results.

Pillar Two: Investing in World Class Talent

Talented educators are the most essential ingredient to great schools’ success, which is why The Mind Trust will continue to invest in proven teacher pipelines and new strategies for developing talent.

Pillar Three: Engaging the Community

The Mind Trust will focus on building awareness of education change, engaging civic leaders as advocates to support education reform, and helping school leaders engage families so schools launch with community support.

Join the Movement to Grow Great Schools

We need your support to make the Grow Great Schools vision a reality. To learn more about how you can get involved, email Stacy Helmuth or call her at (317) 352-3455.