Our Resolution:

An excellent education for Every student.

Join us.

Thank you for resolving to give all Indianapolis children-regardless of circumstances-an education that enables them to reach their innate potential. And thank you for taking action.

Your donation supports our work to transform Indianapolis' education system. We're building a network of 19 education organizations that work to improve academic results and education quality.

One of these organizations is Phalen Leadership Academy (PLA). This public charter school, launched in August 2013 with support from The Mind Trust's Charter School Incubator, incorporates teacher-led instruction and online learning in a way never before seen in an Indianapolis school. Tiesha, the parent of a PLA student, commented on school's life-changing impact:

"My daughter has grown so much academically since attending PLA. I love how the model supports growth on an individualized basis. My daughter, who attends PLA as a second grader, is already working on beginning multiplication facts. The atmosphere supports growth for the whole child, and the school itself is beautiful and filled with talented teachers who care."

We need your support to make experiences like Tiesha's daughter's possible for more students. Thank you for donating to The Mind Trust.