Past Investments

Schools Launched in Indy

Cold Spring School

coldspringCold Spring School, an IPS environmental magnet program, has experienced tremendous academic success since 2011, including yearly increases in overall ISTEP+ performance. Cold Spring applied to The Mind Trust’s Educator Empowerment Awards “in order to have freedom and flexibility on instructional blocks, length of school day, funding and assessment options.” As an Innovation Network School, Cold Spring allows more time for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and more time in the day to participate in STEM-based clubs and real life, job-shadowing opportunities. The school has expanded on its successful partnership with Marian University to offer even more opportunities to students and staff. Cold Spring School opened as an Innovation Network School in 2016.

Enlace Academy  Enlace

Enlace Academy was founded through the efforts of Seton Education Partners and Cathedral High School.  Seton Education Partners, which was incubated in Indianapolis by The Mind Trust, ensures that students attending Catholic schools that close continue to have access to high-quality educational options.  After its creation, Seton went on to partner with Cathedral to launch Enlace, a charter school, on the city’s westside.  The school focuses on high academic expectations, an extended school day and year, small group instruction, extensive teacher coaching and feedback and data-driven instruction.

George H. Fisher School 93

George H. Fisher School 93 adopted the Project RESTORE model, which was created by IPS teachers to help children attending persistently low-performing schools succeed.  In the past decade, RESTORE has been one of the most successful efforts in IPS to increase student achievement.  So far, it has transformed two underperforming schools from “F” to “A” schools, and increased ISTEP+ performance by 22%. In partnership with Phalen Leadership Academies, the school leaders applied for the grant to ensure the RESTORE model is implemented with fidelity.

Global Preparatory Academy 


In May 2014, The Mind Trust awarded its eighth Education Entrepreneur Fellowship to Mariama Carson, a 17-year district educator and national award-winning teacher to design and plan a Spanish language immersion charter school. Carson’s charter school, Global Prep Academy, serves primarily economically disadvantaged students in pre-K through eighth grades. Students receive instruction in both Spanish and English throughout the day and develop strong critical thinking skills through a curriculum that engages their creativity. Teachers closely monitor student performance to ensure those who need help receive academic support and those who excel are engaged and challenged. Global Preparatory Academy opened in Indianapolis in 2016.

Kindezi Academy 


Kindezi Academy is an Innovation Network School serving students in grades K-6. Kindezi Academy is rooted in the belief that every child can and will learn. This credo will be manifested in a blended learning model predicated upon small group instruction and innovative uses of technology in order to meet the specific needs of each student. Kindezi Academy is a member of the Neighborhood Charter Network which also includes Enlace Academy, another Innovation Network School in Indianapolis. Shanae Staples, founding principal of Kindezi Academy, first worked with the Neighborhood Charter Network as founding academic dean of Enlace Academy. Kindezi Academy opened in 2016.

Phalen Leadership Academy 

PLA Logo

Phalen Leadership Academies (PLA) is a network of public charter schools and Innovation Network Schools that was founded in 2013 by Earl Martin Phalen of Summer Advantage USA.  Summer Advantage was incubated in Indianapolis by The Mind Trust’s in 2009 and was then expanded to a full school model through support of The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator to open the George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy. PLA schools incorporate many elements that have made Summer Advantage successful, such as involving parents and closely tracking student performance.


Based on the success of the first Phalen Leadership Academy, Phalen was awarded an Innovation School Fellowship from The Mind Trust, through which he took leadership of one of IPS’ persistently low-performing schools and partnered with the district and The Mind Trust to transform the school into the state’s first Innovation Network School.  In less than a year, the new leadership team has led the school to increased state reading scores and increased enrollment.

Schools supported through phase one of The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator:

Christel House Academy West 


Christel House Academy is a network of K-12 and adult dropout recovery schools. Christel House Academy’s original campus has produced among the best results in the state for low-income students. Christel House focuses on rigorous curriculum that includes high and clearly defined academic standards and project-based learning. The academy provides students with enriching extracurricular activities, on-site mental health and social services, childcare and health and dental care.  The Mind Trust awarded in Christel House a Charter School Incubator award to expand the network beyond its original campus on the city’s Southside.  As a result of this investment, Christel House expanded to create Christel House West.

Christel House Dropout Recovery School (DORS)-South

The Mind Trust’s award also helped Christel House found its DORS program on its original campus, which prepares former high-school dropouts for college and career success.

KIPP Indy Unite Elementary School 


KIPP Indy is a network of public charter schools that was founded in 2004 and is authorized by the Mayor of Indianapolis to serve students in Kindergarten through 8th grades. The regional network is part of a national network of more than 180 free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for academic achievement and college success. The KIPP: Indy network currently includes two schools, KIPP Indy Unite Elementary and KIPP Indy College Prep Middle and will grow to serve students in grades K-12.

Tindley Collegiate Academy 

Tindley Seal Color

Since 2004, Tindley Accelerated Schools have provided a top-quality academic experience to its students. Schools in the Tindley network create a powerful learning environment that intellectually engages, inspires, and spurs academic achievement through a challenging and interactive college-preparatory curriculum. The Mind Trust supported Tindley Collegiate Academy, the all-girls middle school serving students in grades 6 through 8. The Tindley Accelerated Schools network includes six schools serving grades K-12.