Brandy Williams
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Brandy Williams

Innovation School Fellow: 2018

Over the last two years, Brandy Williams has designed, developed, and piloted her school model in New Orleans through 4.0 Schools. Williams plans to use the Innovation School Fellowship to launch this model, Generation Success, in Indianapolis.

Generation Success serves the most vulnerable and underserved learners through a focus on social-emotional learning. Her model employs project-based learning, age-flexible classrooms, and design thinking, which are intended to improve academic achievement for all students. Williams holds an M.S. in Education Leadership from Concordia University and an M.S. in Psychology and Public Policy from Walden University.

An expert in special education, Brandy Williams has served in various leadership capacities impacting students with a wide range of exceptionalities at New Orleans College Prep, Celerity Education Group, and St. Martin’s Episcopal School.