Programs We've Recruited

Like in any sector, sparking innovation and change in education requires having a critical mass of talented people in Indianapolis who are passionate about working in the field. To help grow that mass of talent, The Mind Trust invests in attracting the best national education-reform organizations to Indianapolis. These programs have proven records of success in cities across the U.S. Their presence in Indianapolis helps to attract more ambitious, energetic leaders who want to make a difference by transforming the K-12 system. The work of these groups also makes a tremendous impact on student lives every day, whether by increasing college enrollment rates or putting excellent teachers in classrooms.

The Mind Trust has invested $9.8 million in such programs to date. Organizations brought to Indianapolis by The Mind Trust include: 

  • Teach For America: Recruits top college graduates who commit to teach for two years in underserved public schools. Through the process, they become lifelong leaders in the pursuit of educational equity.
  • TNTP: Draws talented professionals from non-education backgrounds to become teachers in subjects such as math, science, foreign language and special education.
  • College Summit: Increases college enrollment rates among low-income students by fostering a college-going culture in high schools and helping students to navigate the college application process.
  • Stand for Children: Empowers families and educators to have a voice in education policy as a leading grassroots education advocacy organization.
  • Diploma Plus: Boosts outcomes among at-risk students through a school model that includes a performance-based system and a supportive school culture.

3 times

College Summit's Indianapolis participants are three times more likely to enroll in college than their non-participant peers.

The Mind Trust has shown me what's possible in life through education by bringing College Summit to Indianapolis and providing it with support. I have The Mind Trust to thank for helping me realize my potential. Without it, I would have lost my future. And losing one's future is not like losing an election or losing money in the stock market. It's like losing your life.

-Lawrence Hemphill, a 2007 participant in College Summit, a national program The Mind Trust brought to Indianapolis