Helping 93,000 kids to excel - and counting

As we fundamentally change the education landscape in Indianapolis, we also make success a reality for more students every day - by putting great teachers in classrooms and great leaders in schools; helping low-income students to advance, rather than fall behind during the summer months; making college a reality for students who never imagined attending was possible, and much more. Since The Mind Trust's launch, more than 93,000 students have been impacted by our efforts. Here are a few of their stories.  

Abeo Peterson
Abeo Peterson 5
Abeo Peterson always knew she had the potential to excel. But she didn't realize how great her potential was until she began as a sixth grader at Tindley Collegiate Academy two years ago.
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Eric Waites
Eric Waites 3 copy
Eric's transformation mirrored a similar upward trajectory for KIPP, which under great new leaders and excellent teachers, has increased student proficiency on the ISTEP+ by 30 points in English and 39 points in math over the last three years.
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Earl Martin Phalen
Earl BET awards
Earl Martin Phalen grew up in foster care in Massachusetts at a time when 70 percent of black boys in the system would end up in prison by age 21. Phalen instead attended Yale University and Harvard Law School and has become one of the nation's best education innovators.
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Ann Ring
Ring Family 1
Life without a diploma made Ann realize the importance of education and motivated her to explore new school options for both her kids. She found the opportunity she was looking for at Christel House Academy, a public charter not far from their home on Indianapolis' Near Southside.
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Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 1 copy
In the midst of a challenging time, Summer Advantage gave Tony Taylor hope -- and the ability to excel in kindergarten.
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