Creating Great Public Schools for Every Student 

Great schools are transformative. They improve the lives of the students they serve and create new possibilities for the communities where they're located.

At The Mind Trust, we aim to help create enough great schools so that every student in Indianapolis has the opportunity to attend one. We are doing this by launching more high quality schools with the conditions for success and creating the right landscape for supporting these schools - for example, by growing top-notch education organizations that address schools' critical needs.

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Read an overview (PDF) of The Mind Trust's mission and initiatives.

Our History

In 2001, at the urging of then Mayor Bart Peterson, the Indiana legislature approved a law making Indianapolis the first U.S. city where the mayor has the ability to authorize charter schools, which are public schools that have more freedom to innovate than traditional schools. Peterson selected David Harris, one of his policy advisors, to build and run the mayor's charter school office. LEARN MORE ›

Our Staff

The Mind Trust has a talented team who share a passion for giving all kids the chance to succeed and making a tremendous impact on their community. LEARN MORE ›

Our Board

We have an experienced board of men and women committed to supporting the purpose and mission of The Mind Trust. LEARN MORE ›