| November 20, 2020
The Mind Trust announces $207,000 investment in 22 Community Learning Sites to provide Indianapolis families with no-cost eLearning support and supervision through school building closure dates

The Mind Trust today announced it will invest $207,000 to fund the operation of 22 Community Learning Sites that will be open from November 30, 2020, through January 15, 2021, and be available for more than 800 children in grades K-12. An initiative of The Mind Trust that began in August 2020, Community Learning Sites are hubs where small groups of students are provided weekday eLearning supervision and support at no cost to families through partnerships with Indianapolis churches and community centers.

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| November 11, 2020
‘Innovating during a whole pandemic’: a conversation with Paula Glover

Paula Glover had previous experience with remote work from the years she spent in corporate America prior to joining The Mind Trust. In terms of structure, March’s shift to working from home was in some ways a return to what she always knew. Still, having been with The Mind Trust for only six months when the pandemic forced school building and business closures, the switch came with new ways of being and interacting. By no means did that exclude the School Support team as they had to restructure supports to continue to serve schools.

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November 6, 2020
A message from our CEO on local and national elections

During a time of national division and political turmoil that too often falls along racial lines, The Mind Trust recognizes the continued existence of institutional racism in our education system and society at large, in particular its adverse effects on Black and Latino children in Indianapolis. We reassert our commitment to pursuing antiracism in collaboration […]

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| October 29, 2020
Equality is not enough: a conversation with Sonja Peters

Having just returned from maternity leave in February 2020, Sonja was ready to get back to working with The Mind Trust’s School Fellows in advance of one of our single biggest school launch years in our organization’s history. Then March came, the pandemic slowly taking over all aspects of life, resulting in school and business closures, a shift to working from home, and a host of new challenges to tackle.

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| October 15, 2020
The Mind Trust and City of Indianapolis invest $88,000 in extension of three Community Learning Site locations

The Mind Trust today announced the extension of its Community Learning Site initiative with an $88,000 investment, which includes a $24,000 contribution from the Indianapolis Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation, to fund the continued operation of three sites. The three sites that will continue to serve students through Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020 are: Christamore House, Cornerstone Lutheran Church operated by Shepherd Community Center, and The Reset Center. 

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