An Education Revolution in Indianapolis


An Education Revolution in Indianapolis

In December 2016, the Progressive Policy Institute released An Educational Revolution in Indianapolis, a report praising Indianapolis’ efforts to transform public education into a system that benefits all children and prepares them for life, college and career in the 21st century.

Authored by nationally acclaimed writer and policy thought leader David Osborne, the report details the innovative work The Mind Trust, the Indianapolis Public Schools and other community partners have pioneered in Indianapolis. Osborne notes that Indianapolis deserves close attention because “though other cities have their own versions of ‘innovation schools’ or ‘pilot schools,’ only Indianapolis has given them the full autonomy and accountability charters enjoy.”

The report also applauds the work of the Indianapolis mayor’s chartering initiative and the promise of Innovation Network Schools to truly create high­-quality autonomous schools. Osborne is the author of the renowned book, Reinventing Government, and is widely respected in the fields of public policy and governance.