Educator Empowerment Awards

Educator Empowerment Awards

In partnership with IPS, The Mind Trust offers successful IPS schools the support and resources to convert their schools into Innovation Network Schools.

As the first city in the country to offer this ground-breaking opportunity to successful district schools, The Mind Trust could not be more excited to partner with great schools to support them in achieving increased autonomy to protect the fidelity of their successful educational models. Awards are made in close partnership with IPS.

Support & Resources
Each school selected for an Educator Empowerment Award receives $125,000 in financial support as well as access to expert consultants and coaches, individualized leadership development plans, and the opportunity to engage with some of the nation’s best schools.

Application & Selection
There is not currently an open application for Educator Empowerment Awards. Sign up for our e-newsletter to learn when the opportunity will be offered.

Educator Empowerment Award Recipients

George H. Fisher School 93. George H. Fisher School 93 converted to an Innovation Network School in the fall of 2016, adopting the Project RESTORE model to help children attending persistently low-performing schools succeed. In the past decade, RESTORE has been one of the most successful efforts in IPS to increase student achievement. So far, it has transformed two underperforming schools (Anna Brochhausen School 83 and Arlington Woods School 99) from “F” to “A” schools and increased ISTEP+ performance by 22%.

In partnership with Phalen Leadership Academies, the school leaders applied for the Educator Empowerment Award to ensure the RESTORE model is implemented with fidelity. One hundred percent of the school’s staff voted to pursue Innovation Network School status.

Cold Spring School. An IPS environmental magnet program, the school has experienced tremendous academiccoldspring success since 2011, including yearly increases in overall ISTEP+ performance. Cold Spring applied to convert to an Innovation Network School “in order to have freedom and flexibility on instructional blocks, length of school day, funding and assessment options.” Like George H. Fisher, 100 percent of the school’s staff voted to pursue Innovation Network School status.

As an Innovation Network School since the fall of 2016, Cold Spring has been able to increase the amount of time for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and more time in the day to participate in STEM-based clubs and real life, job-shadowing opportunities. The school has also forged a strong partnership with Marian University and built a state-of-the-art “makerspace” for students on its campus.

SUPER School 19. SUPER School 19 converted from a district-run school to an Innovation Network School in fall 2018 after receiving an Educator Empowerment Award from The Mind Trust. SUPER School stands for Students Understanding through Powerful and Energetic Routines. The school is founded on the principle that students learn best through movement and activity. Thus, movement and experiential learning are central to their learning model as they strive for a holistic educational experience.

Edison School of the Arts 47. Edison converted from an IPS school to an Innovation Network School beginning in the fall of 2017 after receiving an Educator Empowerment Award. The conversion has allowed Edison to deepen its school model of using the visual and performing arts to promote academic success, critical thinking, discipline, and creative achievement. The school features an array of lively, learner-centered activities, including music, dance, theater, and art.