Critical Resources

Critical Resources

Culture & Leadership Audit

The Mind Trust will work with schools to create a strategic plan that will focus on three to five priority areas within the school/network. Additionally, a common scorecard is designed to provide a framework for ongoing monitoring by the school leader and school board of directors. The goal of the score card will be to unify and maintain continuity in efforts when working to address strategic priorities.

Strategic Planning

We will partner with local operators to support the effective and sustainable growth of high performing schools/networks. Our goal is to develop the capacity of existing charter operators to become highly effective organizations poised for greater growth, impact, and sustainability. This work will culminate with a strategic plan for growth.

Strategic Learning Solutions (SLS)

SLS will work to codify successful school models through an immersive process that provides essential insights into the leadership, operational and intangible elements of a school that makes it thrive. This engagement culminates with an operations manual that may be shared with future leaders and staff as leadership transitions or replication occurs.

“Class Measures”

Class Measures seeks to improve standards of student achievement by providing innovative tools that increase the accessibility, range, and quality of education opportunities. Class Measures engagements are designed to provide school internal review protocols and frameworks; development of quality assurance processes of systems and materials; and action planning and leadership coaching.

Contact Joe White for more information on these resources.