Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Relay Graduate School of Education

The Mind Trust has partnered with the Relay Graduate School of Education to sponsor an instructional leadership program for Indianapolis principals that will help them excel as educators and school leaders.

Innovation Network School Group

This group is designed to provide a forum for school leaders to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist when operating an autonomous school in Indianapolis.

Mentoring Groups

These groups will be built on the theory of leaders leading leaders. In essence, local, high-performing school leaders will offer a protected space for other leaders to grow. The content will be focused on building healthy school cultures, managing various talent levels, and transitioning into executive leadership. School leaders will have an opportunity to share their wisdom and experiences with other local school leaders in an intimate, transparent environment.

Professional Development

Unique, targeted professional development opportunities will be offered to help leaders continue to perfect their leadership craft.


For more information on these resources, contact Joe White.