| July 30, 2010
Editorial: We can’t afford to take summer off

“Yet, as Time magazine documented in its cover story last week, summer doesn’t have to be a lost season for learning. Reporter David Von Drehle found special signs of hope in Indianapolis, where educators such as Terry Ogle, who guides the Indianapolis Algebra Project, and Earl Phelan, who created a program called Summer Advantage, are ensuring that children learn valuable lessons outside traditional classrooms.”

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| July 27, 2010
Is Summer Vacation Bad for Low-Income Children? Read More view article from essence
| July 26, 2010
The Mind Trust Launches National Network

“The latest project at The Mind Trust, the Indianapolis educational venture capital fund, aims to extend its reach to cities around the country. The Mind Trust founded a national network of cities and city-based organizations called the CEE-Trust to help replicate the kind of work The Mind Trust has done in Indianapolis since its 2006 founding.”

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