| March 24, 2012
IBJ Editorial: Indianapolis’ new education deputy should work fast

A landmark study released in December by The Mind Trust, the locally based education reform group, calls for dramatically downsizing the central IPS office and pushing the resources and grass-roots governance to individual schools. The recommendations also include replacing the elected IPS board with a board composed of three mayoral appointees and one each from both City-County Council caucuses.

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| March 16, 2012
A broken system

The Indianapolis Public Schools district is broken. I don’t say this because I’m anti-public education. I don’t say this to score political points. I don’t say this to hurt anyone’s feelings or to be disrespectful. I say this because it’s true.

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| March 10, 2012
Business management for educators

As an entrepreneur and angel investor, I have had opportunity to be part of a number of teams that are building thriving companies. All those groups share a mode of operation that enabled them to produce positive results: They have great leaders who attract talented people, give them autonomy to do their jobs well, and hold those employees accountable for results.

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| March 3, 2012
Strategies should be launched in schools across the state

The Mind Trust recognizes that true innovation takes place in school buildings and not state or district offices.

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