| June 25, 2012
(The) Mind Trust awards two $1M grants to charter schools

Two charter school companies are $1 million richer as they look to expand their reach in Indianapolis.
The Mind Trust awarded the money to Phalen Leadership Academy and Christel House Academy Monday. The money comes from the Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator.

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| June 23, 2012
The Mind Trust investing $2 million in first Charter School Incubator winners

The Mind Trust announces the first recipients of its Charter School Incubator awards. The Mind Trust grants $1 million to teams of innovators to start or expand networks of some of the nation’s best public charter schools in Indianapolis.

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| June 23, 2012
(The) Mind Trust awards $1M to two charters to expand school models

An article in Indianapolis Business Journal highlights the first recipients of The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator awards. Leaders of both school networks have strong records of producing outstanding results among students from low-income backgrounds, as the article highlights.

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| June 9, 2012
Mayors have mixed record leading schools

The question at the heart of this year’s debate over the future of Indianapolis Public Schools is whether the district should be placed in the hands of Indianapolis’ mayor.

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| June 8, 2012
In The Mind Trust we trust?

When The Mind Trust, a local nonprofit incubator of educational leadership and innovation, released its “Creating Opportunity Schools” report in December 2011, it outlined in great detail its core position that IPS “is broken” with catastrophic results for students” and would take radical restructuring to achieve needed and lasting change.

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