Tariq Al-Nasir
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Tariq Al-Nasir

Charter School Fellow: 2020

Tariq Al-Nasir will develop STEMNASIUM Science, Math, and Engineering Middle School, a new public middle school that will be part of The Mind Trust’s partnership with Eastern Star Church The ROCK Initiative. The middle school will be grounded in unlocking students’ STEM and critical thinking superpowers. The school will be intentional in its approach toward STEM as a vehicle for all students, especially those who have struggled academically, to experience success.

The middle school will be located in the Arlington Woods neighborhood and will serve 7th and 8th grade students. It will be part of a continuum of high-quality K-12 schools in the neighborhood, which includes Arlington Woods School 99 and Rooted School Indianapolis, both led by former Fellows of The Mind Trust. Read more about The Mind Trust’s partnership with Eastern Star Church The ROCK Initiative.

Tariq Al-Nasir founded STEMNASIUM in 1998 and since then has served as the organization’s Founder and CEO. STEMNASIUM is a national organization that delivers learning labs, school within a school models, and Saturday programming that all engage students in hands-on, rigorous STEM experiences. STEMNASIUM seeks to develop authentic learning environments where students learn how to think critically and computationally, so they are prepared for post-secondary success and beyond. Their programming develops the total child – coupled with high expectations and even higher levels of support. After winning The Mind Trust’s School Design Competition in 2016, Al-Nasir moved to Indianapolis to deepen STEMNASIUM’s local impact.

Al-Nasir has received a Master of Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Doctorate of Engineering from Stanford University alongside earning educational certificates related to STEM fields from New York University, Duke, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Carnegie Mellon University.