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About the Academy

The Mind Trust has partnered with the Relay Graduate School of Education to sponsor an instructional leadership program for Indianapolis principals that will help them excel as educators and school leaders. Relay’s National Principals Academy Fellowship is a nationally known training program that attracts current and future school leaders from across the country.

This one-year program begins with a rigorous summer intensive (two weeks), and continues with four intersessions throughout the school year, during which participants focus on Relay’s key instructional pillars: observation and feedback, data-driven instruction, positive student culture of high expectations, adult professional development, instructional planning, and an aligned staff culture and strategic leadership. Participants conclude the series with the confidence and tools to take their leadership to the next level, support and develop teachers in meaningful and intentional ways, and ultimately move the needle on student growth.

Another opportunity is the Principal Manager Fellowship, which is designed to provide school leaders a “nested programming” experience. Principal managers and participants from the academy will participate jointly in training sessions to contextualize Relay content to fit within their schools and set unified mindsets regarding Relay’s overall objectives. There will be several sessions in which principal managers are able to work collaboratively with other managers to strategize around content, share best-practices, and discuss contextualization strategies for content gathered from the training.

Training Components

Relay utilizes a variety of nationally recognized resources as the foundation for its training programs. Among others, Leverage Leadership principles and Uncommon Schools ideals are primary drivers of this training.


The ideal candidate is a school-based leader (principal, department head, lead teacher, etc.) who currently has leadership responsibility over one or more teachers, leads data meetings and/or facilitates academic professional development sessions at their school. Applicants also should:
• Have the motivation and work ethic to continue refining their craft as a leader
• Be open to learning new leadership strategies and to immediate feedback during practice sessions.
• Have a strong sense of personal responsibility and belief as it pertains to student learning.

The Mind Trust encourages cohorts of two to four leaders from the same school or network to apply to amplify the experience for participants and increase the impact within their schools. It is also strongly recommended that this cohort include a principal manager.

Application & Selection

The Mind Trust will select leaders who have already established a leadership foundation as evidenced by student outcomes. The Mind Trust will sponsor and fund at least 12 participants per year for three years, beginning in Summer 2017, with a focus on leaders within school systems or charter networks that will launch the greatest number of new schools and impact the most students.

The application must be submitted by January 31, 2018.  If you work for a charter management organization or school district, your application will require approval by organization- or district-level leaders prior to submission.  The Mind Trust will make selections in Spring 2018.

All tuition expenses for schools or charter management organizations that have not previously participated will be covered by The Mind Trust. The Mind Trust will cover 75 percent of all tuition expenses for schools or charter management organizations that have previously participated.

For more information, please contact Joe White.