Innovation School Results

Since 2013, The Mind Trust has relentlessly focused on recruiting and empowering talented school leaders from across the country to lead schools in Indianapolis Public Schools’ Innovation School Network. Through our Education Entrepreneur FellowshipInnovation School Fellowships, or Educator Empowerment Awards, the leaders of the seven schools listed below received the time, resources, and expertise needed to design and launch great schools that transform lives.

All 2016-2017 ISTEP+ and State Letter Grade data can be found on the Indiana Department of Education’s website and individual school grades can be accessed through the school profiles below.

Innovation Schools in the News

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Different Paths to the Innovation School Network

Since different schools have different needs, schools can take different paths to joining IPS’ Innovation Schools.

  • PLA at Francis Scott Key 103, Global Preparatory Academy @ Riverside 44, and Kindezi Academy @ Joyce Kilmer 69 became Innovation Schools by restarting chronically underperforming schools. Research on school restarts finds that schools often experience a “first year implementation dip” in performance during their first year as school leaders build a new school culture and instructional model.

  • Cold Spring School and PLA at George H. Fisher 93 were successful district schools that chose to convert into Innovation Schools through the Education Empowerment Award process.

  • Enlace Academy and KIPP Indy College Prep were initially launched as public charter schools and later chose to join the Indianapolis Public Schools as Innovation Schools.