Supporting Great Schools

Supporting Great Schools

Great schools thrive when they have the right supports. At The Mind Trust, we have helped build an ecosystem that supports Indianapolis schools in providing every student with a high-quality education.

Providing World-Class Academic Supports

We offer a range of academic supports that provide school executives, leaders, teachers with national caliber professional development and coaching. The supports we provide include:

  • Standards capacity building
  • Instructional systems support
  • Ongoing instructional and executive coaching

Additionally, as a cornerstone of The Mind Trust’s academic supports strategy, we provide the opportunity for at least 20 Indianapolis school leaders to participate in the Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principals Academy Fellowship (NPAF), a nationally-recognized, year-long Fellowship that teaches best practices in cultural and instructional leadership. If you are interested in participating in Relay’s NPAF, please contact our Senior Director of Talent Sara Marshall.

Indianapolis Relay School Leader Fellowship Application & Selection

To apply for the program, participants must hold full-time leadership positions within a school or school network (such as principal supervisor, principal, assistant principal, department head, instructional coach, or lead teacher). The Mind Trust is seeking applicants who have the motivation and work ethic to continue refining their craft as a leader and who have a strong sense of personal responsibility and belief as it pertains to student learning.

The Mind Trust also strongly encourages cohorts of leaders from the same school or network to apply as a ‘team’ to increase the impact on their students. Where applicable, application teams that include a strong principal manager who has the ability to influence leaders across multiple locations may strengthen the overall application.

The application opens Friday, November 8, 2019. The deadline to submit applications is Tuesday, January 7, 2020, and final participants will be announced in March 2020. Interested applicants can complete their application at the online portal. For more information about the application, contact Sara Marshall at smarshall@themindtrust.org or view this recorded webinar.

Building Our Teacher Talent Pipelines

We invest in innovative strategies for strengthening Indianapolis’ teacher talent pipeline, helping schools train, recruit, retain, and develop great teachers. Our strategies also foster a vision of Indianapolis as an exceptional place for educators to work.

We have helped bring three national nonprofit teacher training programs to Indianapolis to bring excellent talent to our schools.  Teach For America, TNTP’s Indianapolis Teaching Fellows, and Relay Graduate School of Education’s Teaching Residency have created critical teacher pipelines for Indianapolis classrooms, providing more than 130 educators annually. All three act as strong pipelines for teachers of color, a critical asset in a city where over 73% of students within IPS boundaries identify as black or Hispanic while 76% of teachers identify as white.

Applications are now open for all three teaching training programs. To learn more and start an application, visit the links below: 

Teach Indy

Notably, we have helped launch Teach Indy, a collaborative effort between The Mind Trust, IPS, and the Mayor’s Office to recruit and retain outstanding educators from across the state and country to teach in public schools in Indianapolis’ urban core. Featuring a job board and a collection of resources for current and aspiring teachers, Teach Indy looks to connect teachers to positions where they can thrive in Indianapolis’ unique, vibrant education landscape.

Building Indy’s Network of Education Support Nonprofits

We also help grow the network of nonprofits that partner with schools by recruiting national nonprofits to Indy and incubating innovative ideas that become new nonprofit organizations. So far, we’ve helped build a network of 12 education nonprofits currently serving Indianapolis students, most recently the Center for Innovative Education Solutions, which offers schools access to high-quality, cost-effective operational, financial, and state reporting services.