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Over its first 16 years, The Mind Trust has built a strong reputation as a leader in education change and the nonprofit sector more generally.

We are fortunate to be able to partner with funders, nonprofits, and local and state government, all in service of providing better opportunities for Indianapolis students.

This collaborative work truly defined much of 2022 at The Mind Trust as we advanced multiple large-scale projects in partnership with key organizations.

Indy Summer Learning Labs

The Mind Trust partnered with United Way of Central Indiana to offer Indy Summer Learning Labs for a second year.

In 2022, Indy Summer Learning Labs served 5,000 students at 39 sites. Results from this year’s programming include:

  • A 25 percentage point increase in basic and proficient scores for ELA from pre- to post-assessment.
  • A 24 percentage point increase in basic and proficient scores for math from pre- to post-assessment.
  • 93% of participating families surveyed rated their experience as good or great.

Read the Indy Summer Learning Labs report on 2022 programming and outcomes.

Young students working together at classroom table.

Indiana Learns

Indiana Learns is a statewide grant program that supports reading and math growth for eligible students by funding tutoring and enrichment opportunities.

Eligible families can access up to $1,000 in funds that can be leveraged for high-dosage tutoring that boosts reading and math growth. The initiative will serve tens of thousands of Indiana students, helping them get back on track following the pandemic’s disruptions to their academic progress.

The Indiana Department of Education contracted with The Mind Trust to manage the implementation of Indiana Learns.

Learn more at IndianaLearns.org

Fourth grade student involved in Indiana Learns program.

IndyNet Internet Pilot

The Mind Trust, United Way of Central Indiana, and the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation partnered to lead the IndyNet Internet Pilot.

This pilot sought to address the digital divide for K-12 students who lack high-speed internet access at home. IndyNet helped make affordable internet accessible to more families in Indianapolis. Following the pilot’s conclusion, we released a joint report that highlights the lessons learned from the initiative.

These lessons included:

  • The importance of establishing community trust when advancing internet connectivity projects
  • The need to address language barriers head-on
  • Consistent use of plain language that resonates with community members
  • Community engagement must be at the heart of technology solutions

Read the report “From Access to Literacy: Lessons From One City’s Quest to Help Address the Digital Divide.”