Schools and Students

The Mind Trust has supported the launch of 45 schools since 2006 that collectively serve more than 12,000 students. These schools are providing innovative, high-quality options to families across Center Township.

In addition, a variety of programs for schools, educators, and community organizations offer targeted, high-quality resources to advance educational outcomes and ensure all students receive an excellent education that prepares them for the future they want.

High-dosage tutoring

High-dosage tutoring is a proven, effective strategy for increasing student outcomes. The Mind Trust launched a high-dosage tutoring pilot for the 2021–22 school year targeting students in grades 3–8.

Numerous students across three autonomous schools received regular in-person or virtual tutoring.

The Mind Trust produced a best-practices report on the back of this successful pilot. The report provides a roadmap for Indianapolis schools to implement high-dosage tutoring as a means of improving student proficiency.

For the 2022–23 school year, The Mind Trust expanded high-dosage tutoring to also target high school juniors, who are receiving SAT targeted support.

Teacher tutoring young female student in classroom.

School Fellowships

The Mind Trust supports the launch of high-quality public schools in Indianapolis through our School Fellowships that provide talented school leaders the time, expertise, and support necessary to launch and lead exceptional schools. Fellows receive personalized coaching, resources, and training throughout the program, as well as ongoing support once schools are launched.

Since 2013, The Mind Trust’s Fellows have launched 27 charter and innovation schools in Indianapolis.

TMT School fellowship board members.

Capacity Building Awards

Launching new schools takes time, investment, and resources. One way The Mind Trust supports the expansion of quality public school options is through Capacity Building Awards.

These one-time awards are made to proven school operators to help them expand their school or network to serve more families. We distributed four Capacity Building Awards in 2022 totaling $2,400,000 that will support the following schools and networks in adding an additional campus:

  • BELIEVE | Circle City High School
  • Herron Classical Schools
  • Purdue Polytechnic High Schools
  • Paramount Schools of Excellence

Schools launched in 2022–23

Circle City Prep Middle School

Mayor-sponsored charter school serving grade six

Circle City Prep Middle School focuses on three core areas: rigorous academics; critical and analytical thinking; and character skills to build the resilience, optimism, and work ethic necessary for long-term success.

Liberty Grove Schools | Founded by Morrise Harbour, Innovation School Fellow

IPS Innovation Network School serving grades K-6

Liberty Grove Schools strives for academic excellence that sparks innovation and creates opportunities. They empower students of diverse backgrounds and remove labels through community building.

Monarca Academy | Founded by Francisco Valdiosera, Innovation School Fellow

IPS Innovation Network School serving grade six

Monarca Academy eliminates barriers to success for all students. Inspired by the Latino and immigrant experience, they develop leaders through high academic standards, cultural responsiveness, and community building.

Rooted School Indianapolis Middle School

Mayor-sponsored charter school serving grade seven

Rooted School Indianapolis exists to provide students personal pathways to financial freedom. They develop students’ skills in preparation for the most in-demand job sectors.

Young boy grinning.
Young boy sitting at his table in the classroom
Young female teacher reading to students.

Schools launching in 2023-24

Schools launching in fall 2023

Edison School of the Arts 2 Founded by James Hill, Innovation School Fellow

James Hill leads a School Fellow team representing Edison School of the Arts, which is working to replicate the successful, arts-driven model at Edison School of the Arts.

Engaged Community Schools | Founded by Brandon House, Innovation School Fellow

Brandon House is developing a K-8 school model that aims to develop students through rigorous academic programming supported by deep community partnerships and social-emotional development.

Schools launching in fall 2024

BELIEVE Circle City High School 2 | Founded by Kimberly Neal, Charter School Fellow alumna

BELIEVE Circle City High School will open a second high school campus with capacity to serve up to 400 students.

Herron Preparatory Academy 2 | Founded by Janet McNeal, Charter School Fellow alumna

Herron Classical Schools, a high-performing network of three Indianapolis schools, is developing a second elementary school campus.

Matchbook College, Career, and Technical Institute | Founded by Aaron Etherington, School Fellow

Matchbook College, Career, and Technical Institute will equip students on the westside of Indianapolis with the skills, knowledge, training, and certifications to enter college or a living-wage career immediately after high school.

Paramount Schools of Excellence All-Girls STEM School | Founded by Tommy Reddicks, Charter School Fellow alumnus

Paramount Schools of Excellence, a successful network of four Indianapolis schools, is developing an all-girls STEM school that will serve up to 500 students.

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