Year-in-Review 12 Months of Learning Gains

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Dear Friends,

The Mind Trust was proud to work in close partnership with our community over the past year to ensure student learning continued to accelerate. Programs like Indy Summer Learning Labs, our School Fellowship, the Go Farther Literacy Fund, Indiana Learns, and so much more all contribute to a vibrant education landscape.

I believe 2022 brought us substantially closer to realizing our vision of a day when every student in our city receives the kind of education promised in our tagline, a transformative education that is rooted in equity.”

We Believe

All children can excel with great teachers and school leaders who are empowered with the autonomy to innovate and make decisions at the school and classroom levels. Neighborhoods and communities most impacted by educational inequity must be the ones to drive systemic changes in our educational system.


The Mind Trust strives to provide every Indianapolis student access to an excellent education by amplifying the power of neighborhoods and communities to lead education change, supporting schools to grow and excel in a thriving education ecosystem, and promoting racial equity in education.


Indianapolis will be a city where every child has access to an excellent education in pursuit of a day when race and income are no longer predictors of life outcomes.

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Our Values


We value the diverse perspectives of our community and stakeholders, particularly those who share the backgrounds of our city’s students. We seek to strengthen our work by acting with empathy, learning from others, and leading through partnership.


We encourage and seek innovations that challenge the status quo. We forge new paths by responding to problems with visionary solutions and pursuing implementation with courage.


We operate with the unwavering belief that all students and communities deserve the opportunity to thrive. Because of this, we invest in ideas and leaders to build systems that eliminate barriers, elevate opportunity, and amplify the power of communities.


We act boldly and persistently to create outstanding educational opportunities for all students across our city, both now and in the future. We believe that great schools lead students to academic success and transform communities and create new opportunities in the lives of their students.


We act firmly by our values. When necessary, we make tough decisions, follow through on our commitments, and are responsible stewards of our resources.


We collaborate to spark innovation and develop transformative ideas. We care for our colleagues, laugh together often, and encourage excellence in one another.

Our Beliefs

  • Disruption & Change

    Our education system has never effectively served Black, Latino, or low-income students.

  • For the Children

    Children—no matter their background or circumstances—can excel under the right conditions.

  • Community Perspectives

    The perspectives of community members must be valued, and their voices should shape education innovation and transformation.

  • Teachers & Leaders

    Great teachers and school leaders are the most critical ingredients for student success.

  • Innovation & Autonomy

    Great schools have the autonomy to innovate and make decisions at the school and classroom levels and are held accountable.

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all we do to ensure present and future educational success for all students in Indianapolis.

Our commitments

  • Create policies, programs, and opportunities internally and externally that close racial disparities.
  • Eliminate the predictability of outcomes associated with race or other identity markers through our work for our city’s students and our staff.
  • Reflect on and evaluate the impact of our work by engaging our students, families, and communities.
  • Empower and elevate current and upcoming leaders of color by investing in them through leveraging our resources and access.

Organizational Timeline

Boy in elementary classroom smiling
45 new public schools
1750+ new teachers placed
67% fellows of color
$200M+ raised to support public schools