Equity In Action Report

Examples of best practices for achieving equity in schools throughout the country.

The Equity in Action report showcases how public charter schools in Indianapolis are achieving impressive results by prioritizing equity. It features four schools with unique approaches spanning Kindergarten through 12th grade. The report aims to inspire dialogue and action in the education community to address diverse student needs and achieve outstanding outcomes for all.

Following interviews with each school, three overarching themes prevailed:

  1. A Steadfast Commitment to Academic Acceleration: The schools showcased in the report prioritize academic acceleration by setting clear academic standards and implementing strategies to help students progress quickly. 
  2. Adeptly Leveraging Student Data: The schools prioritize leveraging student data by systematically collecting, reviewing, and analyzing it to customize interventions and accommodations for each student’s specific needs. They use various formal and informal assessments to gather data and identify additional support needed for students to succeed. 
  3. Fostering a Conducive Learning Environment through Strategic Partnerships: The schools create a conducive learning environment through strategic partnerships, cultural affirmation, implementing multi-tiered systems of support for academic, attendance, and social-emotional needs. 

Read the report to learn more about:

  • Each school’s academic achievement data and overview of their school model.
  • Details on strategies and habits that each school employs to drive equitable academic outcomes for their students.
  • Insights for school and community use to drive learning forward for more students.

Schools featured in the report:

The report showcases four distinct schools, each with its unique approach to equity:

    • BELIEVE Circle City High School (grades 9-12) achieves equity through access to accelerated academic and career pathways, a rigorous, culturally affirming environment, and exposure through partnerships for students.

    • Circle City Prep (grades K-8) achieves equity through an unapologetic focus on data-driven literacy and mathematics instruction, holistic student and family support, and intentionally honoring student heritage and identity.

    • Herron Classical Schools (grades K-12) achieve equity through an unrelenting focus on scholarship, intentional use of data, and habit formation as a core component of tiered supports. Herron Classical Schools operates three schools in Indianapolis: Herron High School, Herron-Riverside High School, and Herron Prep Academy.

    • Paramount Schools of Excellence (grades K-8) champion equity by respecting each individual, correcting injustices, cultivating engaging learning environments, and purposefully utilizing data, evidence-based resources, and wraparound support. Paramount Schools of Excellence operates four schools in Indianapolis: Paramount Brookside, Paramount Cottage Home, Paramount Englewood, and Paramount Online Academy.

Download the full Equity in Action report.

Download the Equity in Action report executive summary.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The Mind Trust is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all we do to ensure present and future educational success for all students in Indianapolis. Upholding these principles is critical for our staff, Fellows, community stakeholders, and partners to spark systemic change. We recognize the past and continued existence of racism and discrimination in our education system, in particular their adverse effects on our students of color.