Great schools are transformative. The Mind Trust is building an educational infrastructure that’s improving opportunities for every student in Indianapolis. Take a closer look at the essential nonpartisan partnerships that help us pursue an outcomes-driven approach to attract and retain top talent in classrooms.

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Improving School Transportation in Indiana

School Transportation impacts the lives of more than 650,000 Hoosier students. While our state has made strides to provide a wide variety of education options to families, transportation policy and systems need to catch up. Families should be empowered to share their feedback on new school transportation systems and be given the opportunity to access transportation at the school that works best for them.

Likewise, educators should have the opportunity to choose vehicles and partnerships that allow them to best deliver high-quality transportation to families. Learn more about this issue in our policy paper, Protecting School Choice: How Flexibility in Transportation Can Improve Access and Efficiency.

Great school leaders in Indianapolis—empowered with autonomy and accountability—are making a difference, especially with students of color.

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The Mind Trust has supported the creation of world-class public education options so that children, no matter their background or circumstances, can excel.

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The Mind Trust’s history

What if every child in Indianapolis could have the opportunity to receive a life-changing education?” The Mind Trust was founded in 2006 to lead the way in creating world-class public education options to support Indianapolis families.

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