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The Mind Trust offers a wide range of academic supports that provide school network executives, leaders, administrators, and teachers with resources and world-class professional development and coaching.

We believe educators deserve expert supports and recognition for the important role they play in the lives of students and families.

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Learn more about ESSER Compliance with Brian Anderson & Kim Ballin from the Center for Innovative Education Solutions. Check out their video presentation to learn more about ESSER compliance, grant management, amendments and reimbursements, and financial planning.

Meet the Changemakers

Get to know the talented education innovators who are doing the work to create schools and ventures that improve students’ lives.

The Mind Trust is committed to supporting the launch and growth of high-quality Indianapolis schools that expand opportunities for all students.

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The Indianapolis Talent Challenge

Like many cities across the country, Indianapolis is experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in Center Township. The Mind Trust is working to recruit, develop, recognize, and retain high-quality, diverse educator talent.

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Why Indianapolis?

With the nation’s strongest charter law and the nationally-unique Innovation Network School law, The Mind Trust believes Indianapolis is the best city in the country for talented, equity-focused school leaders to bring their vision to life. Through our partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools and the Mayor’s Office of Education Innovation, we’ve helped drive bi-partisan support for growing and supporting great schools.

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