World-class education for every child

Empowering students, educators, and communities in Indianapolis

1700+ new teachers
41 schools launched
100% fellows of color
$142M+ for public schools
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Accelerating Student Success

The Mind Trust invests in public education to transform lives in neighborhoods across Indianapolis. We work toward a day when race and income are no longer predictors of life outcomes.

Our non-partisan goal is clear:
Ensuring Indianapolis is a city where every child has access to an excellent education, in pursuit of a day when race and income are no longer predictors of life outcomes by tripling the number of students within Indianapolis Public Schools geography who are academically proficient by 2027.

We believe

  • Racism, discrimination, privilege, and oppression in our education system and society at-large have deeply adverse effects on students of color and must be disrupted.
  • All children can excel with great teachers and school leaders who are empowered with the autonomy to innovate and make decisions at the school and classroom levels.
  • Neighborhoods and communities most impacted by educational inequity must be the ones to drive systemic changes in our educational system.