Alise Dalstrom & Sami Hyde

School Launch Fellows, 2023

Circle City Prep

Alise Dalstrom and Sami Hyde have been selected as a School Launch Fellow team to grow the impact of Circle City Prep, a K-7 public charter school located on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. Founded in Fall 2017, Circle City Prep will grow to serve students in grades K-8 by the 2024-2025 school year. 

Alise Dalstrom is the Assistant School Leader of Student Supports, where she has served since the school’s founding year in 2017. Previously at Circle City Prep,  she has been an Academic Support Specialist, Manager of Student and Family Supports, and Director of Student and Family Supports. Alise earned a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington.

Sami Hyde is the Assistant School Leader of Academics at Circle City Prep. Prior to her current role, she was the K-2 Instructional Coach and Senior Instructional Coach at Circle City Prep. Through her ten years in education, she has also held instructional roles at KIPP Indy and Tindley Accelerated Schools. Hyde earned her bachelor’s from Franklin College. She completed Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principals Academy Fellowship in 2022.