Tommy Reddicks & Kyle Beauchamp

Innovation School Fellows: 2016-2017

Paramount Cottage Home

tommy and kyle side by side

Tommy Reddicks and Kyle Beauchamp, two leaders of the innovative and successful Paramount School of Excellence (PSOE) on the city’s near eastside, will launch a new preK-5 school modeled after the current Paramount.

The school will cultivate student and staff success with an emphasis on academic rigor, data-driven approaches, environmental education and meaningful community engagement.

PSOE, a K-8 mayor-chartered public school, is one of the most inventive schools in Indianapolis, earning “A” state grades with an innovative, environmentally-focused curriculum. With a goal of delivering world-class experiences, PSOE challenges the traditional boundaries between subject areas, creating a culture of constant creativity and connectivity within the school’s curriculum. Integral to its approach to education is the school’s use of technology, cross-curricular investigations and on-site Discovery Centers. PSOE’s STEM-centered approach has resulted in housing a state-of-the-art planetarium and fielding an internationally competitive student robotics team. Its distinctive wind turbines, operating urban farm and greenhouse exemplify the school’s environmental interests.

Both the original and new location will be united by Paramount’s mission to inspire learning through an unparalleled academic approach and transform communities by changing lives. The school will utilize data and a multi-tiered system of support that provides for continuous and research-based interventions, anchored in responsive assessment and instruction for struggling learners. PSOE also utilizes a behavioral management system called “Recovery,” that protects the classroom environment while supporting students who need additional academic and behavioral assistance. Through a “Family Allies Community Team,” the school will make meaningful connections with every school family within the school year.

Reddicks is currently the executive director of PSOE. Under his leadership, PSOE has been an A-rated school for the past two years, receiving all possible points for growth while surpassing the state’s average proficiency rating. He previously served as assistant principal at Knowledge Quest Academy in Colorado and was a music teacher at Flagstaff Academy and Pinnacle Charter School. He holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in music education from the University of Wyoming.

Currently an assistant principal of PSOE, Beauchamp will lead the new Paramount location. He previously was the lead teacher at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, a teacher at Elmhurst High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Farwell High School & Middle School in Michigan. Kyle holds a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Central Michigan University and earned a master’s degree in educational leadership and a principal’s license from Indiana Wesleyan University.