| October 24, 2011
Indianapolis Opens ‘Charter Incubator’

The Mind Trust and the City of Indianapolis will spend $5 million to nearly double the city’s 23 charter schools by 2016. The Charter School Incubator will begin granting $1 million each to three to five teams in June 2012, with the goal of seeding charter school networks to expand within and beyond Indianapolis

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| October 17, 2011
CEE-Trust receives grant from Gates Foundation

The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based non-profit that supports education innovation and reform, was awarded a $500,000 grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of The Mind Trust’s Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust (CEE-Trust) initiative, a growing network of 18 city-based non-profits, foundations, and mayors’ offices committed to promoting entrepreneurial education solutions to some of the country’s toughest education challenges.

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| October 15, 2011
IBJ Editorial: Charter grants beckon big education ideas

The Mind Trust is laying plans to hand out up to five $1 million grants next June to teams of educational entrepreneurs who would use the money to develop and launch innovative charter schools in Indianapolis. It often takes bold action to produce meaningful results. That makes us hopeful that a bold move by The Mind Trust will make a difference in the lives of public-school students in Indianapolis for years to come.

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| October 8, 2011
The Mind Trust announces Charter School Incubator

The Mind Trust launches its Charter School Incubator to build the nation’s best charter school networks in Indianapolis.

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| October 3, 2011
The OneAmerica Foundation, Inc. announces $500,000 for The Mind Trust

The OneAmerica Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce its largest contribution ever to support K-12 public education initiatives. The Foundation is making a $100,000 contribution to The Mind Trust in 2011 and will consider additional annual contributions of $100,000 in each of the next four years (2012 through 2015) for a total gift of $500,000. The OneAmerica Foundation is the charitable arm of OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc.

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