| February 21, 2018
Wildflower to Bring Montessori Microschools to Indianapolis After Winning Charter Design Challenge From The Mind Trust

A school model led solely by classroom teachers that operates in one-room storefronts has been awarded a $250,000 grant to put down roots in Indianapolis.

Wildflower Schools, which includes 14 Montessori microschools in three states and Puerto Rico, was selected as the second winner of the Charter School Design Challenge, which seeks to bring innovative charter school models to the city.

Wildflower was chosen because of the innovations it brings to charter schools, said Brandon Brown, vice president of education innovation at The Mind Trust, the Indianapolis-based nonprofit that runs the competition. Wildflower schools have no principals or administrators, but instead are run by two teacher leaders who instruct 20 to 30 students spanning multiple grades using the Montessori model of observation and student-driven learning. The schools are run in one-room storefronts — another departure from traditional school design.

“This type of model does not exist locally and will be revolutionary to how we view innovation in Indianapolis,” Brown said.

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, | February 19, 2018
Weisberg & Campbell: 3 Ways Charter Schools Can Make Sure They Recruit, Hire, and Retain the Teachers They Need

Summer vacation may still be months away, but school leaders across the country are already gearing up to hire teachers for the next school year. Many will find themselves in the same predicament they’ve faced for years: scrambling until the last minute to fill open positions, especially in crucial subjects like math, science, and special education.

It’s a story sadly familiar to anyone who follows education news, but one that’s usually associated with traditional school districts. Yet public charter schools struggle with teacher hiring and retention every bit as much as district schools, often for very preventable reasons. That’s not only bad for students; it also threatens charter schools’ ability to reach the next level of scale and quality they’ll need to survive over the long run.

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| February 15, 2018
Network of Montessori ‘micro-schools’ is bringing a new charter concept to Indiana

A Montessori “micro-school” model too small and too autonomous for traditional accountability measures wants to launch several charter schools in Indianapolis.

The Mind Trust granted $250,000 this week to Wildflower Schools to develop its model, mostly used across the country in private schools, to fit a public charter school design.

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| February 14, 2018
Montessori micro-schools model selected for The Mind Trust’s Charter School Design Challenge

The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based education nonprofit, has selected Wildflower Schools and its innovative model of teacher-led, Montessori micro-schools as the second winner of its Charter School Design Challenge (CSDC).

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