| April 27, 2018
Grant from The Mind Trust to support SUPER School 19 conversion to an Innovation Network School

The Mind Trust today announced a $125,000 Educator Empowerment Award to Indianapolis Public Schools’ (IPS) Frederick Douglass SUPER School 19 to support the school’s plans to convert to an Innovation Network School. The Educator Empowerment Award is an extension of The Mind Trust’s partnership with IPS to grow high-quality Innovation Network Schools. Last night, the IPS Board of School Commissioners voted in support of the school’s application to convert to an Innovation Network School starting in the 2018-2019 school year.

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| April 26, 2018
The Mind Trust’s goals remain same as founder leaves

After 11 years of service, The Mind Trust founder and CEO David Harris announced his departure in March. Harris will continue his work in education with a newly forming national organization. 

The Mind Trust was created in 2006 to close that gap and offer every child in the city the opportunity to receive the best education possible. In Indianapolis, 78,000 children do not have access to a quality education. The Mind Trust’s mission is to create transformative schools in Indianapolis by launching great schools, investing in world-class talent and engaging the community. 

Brandon Brown, current Senior Vice President of Education Innovation will take over as CEO of the organization…

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| April 19, 2018
Teach for America continues growth in Indianapolis

Ten years ago Teach for America (TFA) was the new kid on the block in Indianapolis. Now alumni are school administrators, policy makers and leaders in education-focused organizations.

TFA boasts 540 alumni throughout the Indianapolis area, and 21 percent of alumni are people of color. That number is significant because part of TFA’s core mission is to create educational equity regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic class…  

Incoming CEO of The Mind Trust Brandon Brown knew he wanted to impact education after teaching in St. Louis during his TFA tenure. Brown’s time in the classroom proved students can excel regardless of their ethnic or socio-economic background. He left the classroom to work on reforming education policies…

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| April 18, 2018
The Mind Trust promotes Kristin Grimme and Joe White to leadership team

The Mind Trust, an Indianapolis-based education nonprofit, has announced the promotion of Kristin Grimme to Vice President of School Incubation and Joe White to Vice President of School Support. Both will join The Mind Trust’s executive leadership team.

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