Tihesha Henderson
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Tihesha Henderson

Innovation School Fellow: 2018

In close partnership with Eastern Star Church, Arlington Woods School 99 will operate from a trauma-informed lens as it aims to teach and develop the whole child through social emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching practices. Tihesha Henderson’s conversion of Arlington Woods School 99 will serve K-6 and plans to launch in fall 2020 as an Innovation Network School. Henderson earned her Principal’s License and M.A. in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University and her B.A. in Elementary Education from Indiana State University.

An Indianapolis native and IPS alumna, Tihesha Henderson is the Principal of Arlington Woods Elementary School 99 and has served in multiple principal capacities during her 18-year career with IPS. As Principal of School 99 since 2012, Henderson has overseen the implementation of the Project: RESTORE school turnaround model and designed her school’s framework for Social Emotional Learning as a member of the Autonomy Pilot Cohort in 2016. Previously, she served as principal of IPS’ Joyce Kilmer Academy School 69 and Charles W. Fairbanks School 105.