Ma’at Lands and Rooted School Indianapolis

With a rigorous curriculum and an emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking, Rooted School Indianapolis prepares every student for a four-year college experience and a rewarding career path.

  • Mayor-sponsored Charter School
  • Currently serves grade 9; adding a new grade each year
  • Established Fall 2020

Ma'at Lands

Ma’at Lands

Founding school leader

2018 Charter School Design Challenge Winner

Ma’at Lands grew up in the Arlington Woods neighborhood on the eastside of Indianapolis, and has a vision for empowering kids to build up the community. In partnership with Easter Star Church The ROCK Initiative, Ma’at worked directly with community leaders and families to found Rooted School Indianapolis as part of a continuum of high-quality K-12 education in the neighborhood that also includes Sankofa School of Success and a future middle school founded by Tariq Al-Nasir, another of The Mind Trust’s Fellows.

  • Hometown: Indianapolis
  • Teaching and school leadership experience: 14 years
“Ma’at really understands what we want for our children. She’s fiercely committed to our community, and has been a strong partner and voice for the work we’re trying to do on the Eastside.” Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr., Eastern Star Church


Self-directed, project-based learning builds student confidence and creates personalized paths to academic success. Teachers at Rooted School Indianapolis empower students to meet their full potential and give them the tools they need for upward mobility.

“The mission of Rooted is to provide our students with personal pathways to financial freedom. Tech is not an afterthought at Rooted; it is the main focus, and our students are immersed in it daily as we prepare them for the digital economy.” Ma’at Lands, Rooted School Founder and CEO Ma’at Lands.
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At Rooted School Indianapolis, students compete for paid internships, gaining hands-on experience in fast-paced technology jobs. They learn financial literacy skills and benefit from one-on-one mentorships with adults in their fields of interest—preparing them for success in life and business.

In 2020, Rooted formed a partnership with InnoPower, the Indianapolis Recorder, and Eleven Fifty Academy to create a clear roadmap connecting students with tech-focused career opportunities at local companies. Rooted students earn certifications through Eleven Fifty Academy, opening doors to jobs in the tech industry.

“There is nothing more powerful than someone realizing their potential. At Eleven Fifty Academy, we transform lives and are committed to creating a tech talent funnel for growing technology companies. Providing mentorship and role models is critically important, especially in underrepresented populations.” Scott Jones, president and founder of Eleven Fifty Academy


Students from Rooted School Indianapolis’ community may not have direct entry points to high-demand careers in the technology sector. In partnership with the community, the school aims to give students access to high-demand, high-paying career tracks to lift the entire neighborhood.

Rooted School Indianapolis students graduate with a college acceptance in one hand and a full-time job offer in the other.

“I’m the first person in my family to go to a four-year college, and because of my internship through the Rooted School—Indianapolis, I feel like I know what to do next.”

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