Community Stakeholders

Community Stakeholders

Lewis Hubbard Group 


To build awareness among community leaders of the issues facing public education in Indianapolis, The Mind Trust in 2013 convened the Lewis Hubbard Group, a group of civic leaders under the leadership of City-County Councilor Maggie Lewis, one of the city’s highest ranking Democrats, and Al Hubbard, a Republican businessman and former senior Bush Administration official.

The Lewis Hubbard Group established four key policy priorities around which to anchor its work, including:

  1. focusing on great teaching and leadership;
  2. making the most of the Innovation Network Schools law’s potential;
  3. seizing the opportunity created by underused and vacant space within Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to best serve students; and
  4. giving capable school leaders the freedom to meet student needs.

The Lewis Hubbard Group has achieved significant influence on education policy since its launch. Chief among its accomplishments is raising awareness among the public and key political leaders about the vast number of underutilized facilities within IPS. Within months of their awareness-building around the issue, the Indiana state legislature passed Public Law 1321, which in addition to addressing underperforming schools in IPS via the creation of Innovation Network Schools, provides a mechanism for tackling the challenge of underused facilities. Members include:

Maggie Lewis:Indianapolis City-County Council

Al Hubbard: Chairman and Partner, E&A Companies

Sheila Akinleye: Math Teacher, Indiana Connections Academy

John Barth: Former Vice President, Indianapolis City-County Council

Miriam Acevedo: Davis President and CEO, La Plaza

Robert Guffin: Retired; Former Executive Director, Indiana State Board Of Education; Former Principal, Indianapolis Public Schools Harshman Magnet Middle School

John Hammond: Partner, Law Firm of Ice Miller

David Hampton: Deputy Mayor, Neighborhood Engagement, City of Indianapolis; Senior Pastor, Light of the World Christian Church

David Harris: Founder and CEO, The Mind Trust

Rose Mays: Professor Emerita, Indiana University School of Nursing

Rev. Kent Millard: Former Senior Pastor, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

Ann Murtlow: President and CEO, United Way of Central Indiana

Kameelah Shaheed-Diallo: Senior Vice President of Strategy and Community Engagement, The Mind Trust

Rob Smith: President, Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Jeff Smulyan: Chairman, CEO, and Founder, Emmis Communications