Our Impact

The Mind Trust's work over the last eight years has transformed the city's education landscape into a thriving hub for education innovation and a place where tens of thousands of students are provided better educational opportunities every day. The numbers below provide further evidence of this transformation:

  • 19 education organizations - and growing: Through our Innovation School Fellowship, Charter School Incubator and Education Entrepreneur Fellowship programs, The Mind Trust has equipped talented education leaders to launch eight break-the mold education organizations and schools, helped three existing charter school networks in the city to grow and serve more kids, launched a brand new charter school network, and seeded the launch of three Innovation Network Schools. We've also recruited four of the nation's best education organizations to Indianapolis to provide these groups with critical supports, such as great teachers and school leaders. We will continue to grow many more world-class schools in our city. In partnership with IPS, The Mind Trust has agreed to launch nine Innovation Network Schools within the district over the next three years.
  • 3,800 people: The Mind Trust has enticed talented people from within the community, across the nation, and beyond to drive education change in Indianapolis' education landscape. More than 3,800 people from 48 states and 36 countries have sought the opportunity to launch schools and nonprofits in Indianapolis through our three programs.
  • 132,000 students: The schools and organizations launched through The Mind Trust have impacted 132,000 students - providing them with a world-class education; helping to ensure they advance, rather than fall behind, during the summer months; ensuring they have excellent teachers and school leaders; and more.
  • $50 million: The Mind Trust has raised close to $50 million since 2006 to advance education innovation and reform.