Innovation School Fellowship

 The Mind Trust seeks talented leaders to launch high quality, autonomous schools within the city's largest district through our Innovation School Fellowship.

 Innovation School Fellows have the unprecedented opportunity to launch schools that have the freedoms, flexibilities and autonomies of charter schools and the financial support and services of a district school, including a school building at little to no cost.

Fellows receive one or two years with full salary, healthcare and benefits to develop their school model, during which they receive significant support, including:

• Office space at The Mind Trust's offices;
• Opportunities to travel and engage with leaders at some of the nation's best schools;
• Extensive feedback on fellow's school design as well as ongoing expert counsel and personalized coaching;
• Access to the national school-incubation working group; and
• Sessions with key IPS leaders to confer on issues such as district budgeting practices, facilities management, assessments, services, and federal and state reporting requirements.



Download our one page Fact Sheet.