Op-eds | November 6, 2020

A message from our CEO on local and national elections

During a time of national division and political turmoil that too often falls along racial lines, The Mind Trust recognizes the continued existence of institutional racism in our education system and society at large, in particular its adverse effects on Black and Latino children in Indianapolis. We reassert our commitment to pursuing antiracism in collaboration with community partners to seek the systemic change that our children deserve.

It is impossible to completely separate the national climate from local elections, as they both have a direct impact on our city’s marginalized communities. This is why we wish to offer congratulations to Kenneth Allen, Diane Arnold, Venita Moore, and Will Pritchard on their hard fought victories for Indianapolis Public Schools Board of Commissioners. We commend all candidates who spent time listening to the needs of students, families, and educators to inform their platforms.

IPS enrollment is now larger than at any point since 2011 and multiple external studies have shown that Black and Latino students are making increased academic gains as a result of the district’s bold leadership. Our community has spoken loud and clear, resulting in a mandate for IPS to continue making transformative progress by growing high-quality schools, focusing on racial equity, and ensuring resources are distributed where they are needed the most.

The Mind Trust remains committed to our partnership with the district, and we look forward to continuing our work together to ensure all IPS students attend a great school.

Brandon Brown