Press Releases | March 12, 2024

Indy Summer Learning Labs opens application for 2024 summer instructional staff positions 

Approximately 250 licensed teachers and classroom aides will be hired to provide instruction this summer; competitive compensation and training will be offered. 

(March 12, 2024) – Indy Summer Learning Labs (ISLL), a five-week, free, or low-cost academic and enrichment summer program, is now hiring teachers and classroom assistants for summer 2024 programming. The program will hire approximately 250 instructional staff who will deliver and support English Language Arts (ELA) and math instruction this summer. The Mind Trust recruits, selects, and places teachers at community-based sites, while school sites retain autonomy over hiring for their respective campuses. ISLL is proud to offer competitive compensation and support to ensure a strong teacher experience.

ISLL serves incoming 1st to 9th-grade students and will run from June 17 to July 19, 2024 at more than 45 school and community-based locations across Marion County. Since 2021, the program has consistently delivered double-digit learning gains in both math and reading for participating students. 

“I’m thrilled to see the Indy Summer Learning Labs continue in 2024. The program combines educator expertise and community power to foster enriching growth and learning opportunities. As we enter the fourth year, I’m excited to lead and empower students to excel,” said Laura Palacios, Senior Director of Indy Summer Learning Labs.

ISLL instructional staff roles

Students are most impacted when taught by licensed teachers who can fully utilize a high-quality math and reading curriculum. Instructional staff will receive lesson plans, materials, and support from Academic Deans. ISLL is hiring for three roles: supervising teachers, ELA and math teachers, and classroom assistants. 

Compensation for Supervising ELA and math teachers will be up to $10,000 for one week of training and five weeks of instruction. Compensation for classroom assistants will be $25 per hour. 

Supervising Teachers will oversee all grade-level teachers and classroom assistants at a community-based ISLL site. They will work collaboratively with Academic Deans to ensure students are receiving high-quality instructional support. They will also collect data and support managing attendance at their ISLL site. This role requires a teaching license. 

ELA (English Language Arts) and Math Teachers will lead one grade level of at least 10 students within their certified content area at community-based sites. They will be provided with scripted lesson plans, materials, and assessments to support students in their grade level group. This role requires a teaching license. 

Classroom Assistants (formerly known as Teacher Aides) will assist across grade levels for both ELA & math and pull small groups to tier instruction. This role is a strong fit for a college student pursuing a degree in education or someone with prior experience in youth program support. 

All instructional staff hired by the program must pass a background check process and pre-program training. Applicants must also have a technology device to access the Lavinia curriculum for instruction and to track and submit the required daily attendance. 

Educators interested can apply by filling out the application by going to Hiring decisions will be made by April 1 and ongoing on a rolling basis. All instructional staff will participate in an in-person training from June 10-14 to review the curriculum and program expectations. 

The time commitment for instructional staff is around 25 hours per week and five hours per day. This estimate factors in teacher training at the beginning of the program and light non-instructional components, such as community circle and arrival.

ISLL instructional positions are a competitive opportunity. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply promptly.

About Indy Summer Learning Labs

Indy Summer Learning Labs (ISLL) is a collaborative effort between The Mind Trust, schools, and community-based organizations serving students across Indianapolis with continued summer instruction and enrichment activities to drive increased academic achievement. ISLL offers five weeks of fun, high-quality academic opportunities for students during the summer break at dozens of locations across Marion County. Learn more at

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