Garrett Gammons & Kyle Gavin

School Launch Fellows, 2023

Adelante Schools

Garrett Gammons and Kyle Gavin will serve as a School Launch Fellow team to grow the impact of Adelante Schools, a nonprofit charter operator that currently manages Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School, an IPS innovation network school. Adelante Schools was founded in Fall 2020 by The Mind Trust’s Innovation School Fellows, Eddie Rangel and Matthew Rooney. 

Garrett Gammons currently serves as Gammons is currently the Middle School Principal at Emma Donnan and brings more than a decade of experience to the role, with a strong background in special education. He has served as a special education teacher and coordinator at several local public schools. Gammons has a Building Level Administrative License from Marian University. He has also earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Quincy University and a master’s degree in special education from Marian University. 

Kyle Gavin is a Principal Fellow at Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School and has nine years of education experience. Prior to his current role, he served as a 6th grade math teacher at Emma Donnan. He completed Relay Graduate School of Education’s National Principals Academy Fellowship in 2021. Gavin earned his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Indiana University and his master’s in educational leadership from Marian University.