Schools Launched in Indy

Schools Launched through The Mind Trust’s Fellowship Programs

The Mind Trust has supported the launch of 38 schools in Indianapolis since 2006. These schools collectively serve more than 12,000 students across the district and have provided unique options to Indianapolis families. More information on each of the 38 schools we have supported the launch of appears below.

Arlington Woods School 99 Operated by Sankofa School of Success (Sankofa)

Arlington Woods School 99 Operated by Sankofa School of Success is an Innovation Network School launched in fall 2020, converting Arlington Woods School 99 to an Innovation Network School. In close partnership with Eastern Star Church, Sankofa serves grades K-6 and operates from a trauma-informed lens as it aims to teach and develop the whole child through social-emotional learning and culturally responsive teaching practices.

BELIEVE | Circle City

BELIEVE | Circle City is a Mayor-sponsored charter school launched in fall 2020. BELIEVE | Circle City is a rigorous, college preparatory high school designed to help students in grades 9-12 develop self-regulation, self-efficacy, and leadership skills through small learning environments.

Christel House Academy at Manual High School

Christel House Academy at Manual High School, authorized by the Indiana Charter School Board and an IPS Innovation Network School, launched in fall 2020. The school serves students in grades 9-12 that come from Christel House Academy’s South and West campuses. Christel House Academy aims to attack the root causes of poverty by addressing illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem, and lack of opportunity with a holistic model.

Cold Spring Middle School at Marian University (Cold Spring)

The Mind Trust awarded Cold Spring Middle School at Marian University an implementation investment in spring 2020 to support the expansion of their school to include grades 7-8 starting in fall 2020. Through this expansion, Cold Spring will serve an additional 100 students with their innovative environmental STEM programming.

Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School Operated by Adelante Schools (Adelante)

Emma Donnan Elementary and Middle School Operated by Adelante Schools is a Mayor-sponsored charter school that launched in fall 2020. Adelante serves grades K-8 and aims to create a joy-filled learning environment that prepares their students to graduate from college and lead lives of leadership and service.

The PATH School at Stephen Foster School 67

The PATH School is an Innovation Network School and Mayor-sponsored charter school launched in fall 2020, restarting IPS’ Stephen Foster School 67. Their model includes an individualized intake process, support plans, culturally responsive curriculum, and PATH teams—counselors, advisors, and educators that holistically support students through their school experience and for up to six years post-graduation.

Phalen Leadership Academy at Louis B. Russell School 48

Phalen Leadership Academies launched their restart of IPS’ Louis B. Russell School 48 as an Innovation Network School in fall 2020 with support from an implementation investment by The Mind Trust. Phalen Leadership Academies bases the operation and academic programming of each of its schools in six priorities for success: effective leadership; climate and culture; collaborative staff; curriculum assessments and interventions; and support systems.

Phalen Leadership Academy Virtual

The Mind Trust supported Phalen Leadership Academies with a capacity building award to support the launch of a virtual school for fall 2020. The virtual school model was quickly developed by the successful Phalen Leadership Academies network in response to parent demand for a high-quality virtual school option in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rooted School Indianapolis

Rooted School Indianapolis launched is a Mayor-sponsored charter school launched in fall 2020 in partnership with Eastern Star Church The ROCK Initiative.Their mission is to provide students with personal pathways to financial freedom while closing the achievement and wealth gaps.

Invent Learning Hub

Invent Learning Hub is a Mayor-sponsored charter school that launched in 2019. The school serves students in K-8 with a model based on research showing the strong relationship between motor and cognitive processes. Invent Learning Hub infuses design thinking and personalized learning across their curriculum. The school is located in the former IPS Otis Brown School 20 building on the southeast side of Indianapolis.

KIPP Indy Legacy High

KIPP Indy Legacy High is an extension of the existing K-8 KIPP network serving the near eastside neighborhood of Martindale-Brightwood. Utilizing the same college-prep and character development ethos that has driven their K-8 schools, KIPP Indy Legacy High launched in 2019 as a Mayor-sponsored charter school and an IPS Innovation Network School. KIPP Indy Legacy High enrolled students in grade 9 for 2019-20 and will add a grade each successive year until they serve students from 9-12.

Paramount Englewood

Paramount Englewood, launched in 2019 and serving students in grades 5-8, is the third campus of the successful Paramount Schools of Excellence network. Paramount Englewood is a Mayor-sponsored charter school located on Indianapolis’ southeast side.

Phalen Leadership Academy High School

Phalen Leadership Academy High School, launched in 2019, is an expansion of the Phalen Leadership Academies network and is co-located with the James and Rosemary Phalen Leadership Academy on Indianapolis’ eastside. They will serve students in grades 9-10 for the 2019-20 school year before scaling up to serve all high school grades.

Purdue Polytechnic High School North

Purdue Polytechnic High School North is the second campus of Purdue Polytechnic High Schools. Launched in 2019, they serve students in the Broad Ripple neighborhood using experiential, industry-focused learning. Starting with grades 9-10, Purdue Polytechnic High School North will add grades in future years to serve 9-12.

Allegiant Preparatory Academy

Allegiant Prep opened in 2018 as a charter school authorized by the Indiana Charter School Board with the start-up support of an Implementation Award from The Mind Trust. Allegiant Prep will educate students in grades K-8 with rigorous academics, character development, and a commitment to their community. Using a framework of commitment to college readiness, Allegiant Prep’s five core values are respect, integrity, unity, perseverance, and responsibility. Allegiant Prep believes that a student’s path to college begins in Kindergarten and uses data-driven instruction as a primary focus in order to maximize instructional time for every student.

Matchbook Learning at Wendell Philips School 63

Matchbook Learning’s K-8 school model combines the best in both public school turnaround and blended learning expertise. Matchbook Learning provides a customized model that blends face-to-face and virtual instruction in brick-and-mortar schools via a one-on-one computing environment. Matchbook Learning will operate as a Mayor-sponsored charter school and an Innovation Network School restarting IPS’ Wendell Phillips School 63.

Paramount Community Heights

Modeled after the highly successful Paramount School of Excellence (PSOE), Paramount Community Heights is the second school in the network serving students in Kindergarten-fourth grade. Paramount Community Heights will aim to bridge the achievement gap in Indianapolis’ urban core by cultivating success with student and staff culture, academic rigor, data-driven approaches, environmental focus, whole-family approach to student health, and meaningful community connectivity. The school, located in the Community Heights neighborhood, opened as a Mayor-sponsored charter school in fall 2018.

pilotED: Bethel Park

Launched as a Mayor-sponsored charter school in the Bethel Park neighborhood, pilotED offers students a rigorous liberal arts curriculum focused on identity and sociology to interrupt cycles of generational poverty. Academically, pilotED utilizes direct intervention, identity development, and small groups to improve student achievement.

SUPER School 19

SUPER School 19 converted from a district-run school to an Innovation Network School in fall 2018 after receiving an Educator Empowerment Award from The Mind Trust. SUPER School stands for Students Understanding through Powerful and Energetic Routines. The school is founded on the principle that students learn best through movement and activity. Thus, movement and experiential learning are central to their learning model as they strive for a holistic educational experience.

URBAN ACT Academy at Washington Irving School 14

URBAN ACT was developed with the fundamental belief that a school has a social obligation to work closely with its neighbors to continue to make strong, positive impacts within the community it serves. URBAN ACT aims to be not only a high-quality school through their personalized learning opportunities but also to be a great community partner and change agent. As such, URBAN ACT has partnered with Indy Parks as they look to take instruction beyond the walls of the classroom into the surrounding environment. URBAN ACT launched as a Mayor-sponsored charter school and an Innovation Network School restarting IPS’ Washington Irving School 14.

Avondale Meadows Middle School (AMMS)

Developed as an extension to the highly successful elementary program at Avondale Meadows Academy, AMMS opened in 2017 on the near northeast side as an Indianapolis Mayor-sponsored charter school and an Innovation Network School. The instructional model of AMMS is grounded in the belief that every child has the ability to succeed at high levels. AMMS embraces research-based instructional models, collaborative and aligned curriculum design, strong character education, and high academic standards.

Circle City Prep

Circle City Prep is a public charter school which opened in fall 2017 with the support of an Implementation Award from The Mind Trust. They launched serving students in grades K-1 with the plan to expand one grade level each year until their enrollment spans K-8. Three core areas drive their vision: rigorous K-8 academics; critical and analytical thinking; and character skills to build the resilience, optimism, and work ethic necessary for long-term success.

Purdue Polytechnic High School

Launched in 2017, Purdue Polytechnic High School is an Indianapolis Mayor-sponsored charter school and IPS Innovation Network School. They focus on creating academic excellence characterized by industry-focused experiential learning; providing mentors who nurture, guide, and trust; and developing students who naturally thirst to learn. Successful graduates receive automatic acceptance into Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute.

Riverside High School

Riverside High School launched in fall 2017 as the second school in the Indianapolis Classical Schools network and serves as an Indianapolis Mayor-sponsored charter school and IPS Innovation Network School. Founded on the same principles and core values that have made Herron High School a proven model of success, Riverside provides an education rooted in classical methodology and rich in liberal arts and sciences. Riverside completed its first year in a temporary location and will move to its permanent location, the newly-renovated Heslar Naval Armory building, in fall 2018.

Thrival Academy: Indy

Thrival Academy: Indy will be the first fully operating campus of Thrival World Academies, a study-abroad high school providing students from underserved communities with the opportunity to travel to Thailand for a portion of the school year. In Thailand, students engage in a rigorous, culturally immersive, project-based, and experiential high school curriculum. Thrival Academy: Indy launched a one-year, 20-student pilot program in fall 2017 in partnership with IPS and Arsenal Technical High School. Thrival Academy: Indy, an Innovation Network School, will operate a full-school program for 2018-19 and will lease space at Arsenal Technical High School.

Edison School of the Arts

Edison School of the Arts converted from an IPS district-run school to an Innovation Network School in 2017 after receiving an Educator Empowerment Award from The Mind Trust. The school aims to grant students an arts-driven education through experiences, exposure, and partnerships. Edison School of the Arts seeks high academic and creative achievement by utilizing visual and performing arts programming. The school encourages students to become responsible, culturally diverse citizens by developing lifelong learners, appreciators, and consumers of the arts.

Ignite Achievement Academy at Elder W. Diggs

In fall 2017, Ignite Achievement Academy opened as an Indianapolis Mayor-sponsored charter school and
an Innovation Network School restarting IPS’ Elder W. Diggs School 42. The school is designed to propel its scholars through an accelerated curriculum focused on three areas: neuro-scientific instruction and learning; staff and community collaboration; and holistic development.

Cold Spring School

coldspringCold Spring School converted from a district-run IPS magnet school to an Innovation Network School in 2016 after receiving an Educator Empowerment Award from The Mind Trust. The school aims to develop active citizens and students who steward the environment; encourage habits of democracy and civic participation; and provide a challenging curriculum that produces independent, life-long learners. Cold Spring sits on a 39-acre campus with a greenhouse, gardens, and hiking trails intended for use by students and staff. Students participate daily in afternoon STEM clubs, with subjects ranging from Lego Engineers to Outdoor Learning Garden to Animal Husbandry.

Kindezi Academy at Joyce Kilmer 69Kindezi

In fall 2016, Kindezi Academy launched as a restart school in IPS’ Joyce Kilmer 69, now operating as both an Innovation Network School and a Mayor-sponsored charter school. Student learning at Kindezi Academy is driven by four core values: leading with love, embracing uniqueness, cultivating character, and igniting imagination. Students engage in project-based learning, and the school emphasizes culturally responsive instruction to relate education back to students’ everyday lives.

Global Preparatory Academy at Riverside 44


Global Prep launched in fall 2016 as a restart for IPS’ Riverside School 44 as an Indianapolis Mayor-sponsored charter school and an Innovation Network School, serving students in grades K-6. The school aims to provide students with high-quality instruction through language immersion and culturally relevant experiential learning. In a highly engaging and nurturing environment, native English speakers and native Spanish speakers will learn to speak, read, and write proficiently in both languages. Global Prep is the first dual-language charter school in Indiana.

Phalen Leadership Academy @ George H. Fisher 93

Through the support of an Educator Empowerment Award from The Mind Trust, IPS’ George H. Fisher School 93 converted to an Innovation Network School under the Phalen Leadership Academy network in 2016. PLA@93 launched in partnership with Project RESTORE—Reshaping an Entire School by Taking Ownership of a Rigorous Education. The school’s data-driven program aims to build students’ character and educational foundation for future success through relentless high expectations and continuous recognition of growth.


PLA@103, part of the Phalen Leadership Academies network, launched in fall 2015 as an Innovation Network School that restarted IPS’ Francis Scott Key School 103. The PLA@103 educational model utilizes best practices in data-driven instruction and differentiated learning to deliver instruction in core subjects. The school uses a “blended learning” model that divides instruction into small-group, large-group, and independent learning to ensure students’ individualized academic needs are met. Additionally, students invest themselves in STEM programming that allows them to build undersea robots, develop mobile apps, and more.

Enlace Academy  

Enlace Academy is an IPS Innovation Network School and public charter school. It was founded through the efforts of Seton Education Partners and Cathedral High School. Seton Education Partners, which was incubated in Indianapolis by The Mind Trust, ensures that students attending Catholic schools that close continue to have access to Enlacehigh-quality educational options. After its creation, Seton went on to partner with Cathedral to launch Enlace.

Launched in 2013, Enlace is the founding elementary school for The Neighborhood Charter Network’s growing family of public charter schools in Indianapolis that believes that every child can and will learn. The school is located on the city’s west side, serving the families living in the International Marketplace who are predominantly English language learners. In order to address the specific needs of each and every one of their students, they use a personalized, blended learning approach paired with intentional character development that is rooted in the core values: lead with love, embrace uniqueness, foster character, and ignite imagination so that their children can become leaders who chose their own futures in high school, college, and beyond.

Schools supported through The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator

The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator was the precursor to the current fellowship programs.

Christel House Academy West 


Christel House Academy is a network of K-12 and adult dropout recovery schools. Christel House Academy’s original campus has produced among the best results in the state for low-income students. Christel House focuses on a rigorous curriculum that includes high and clearly defined academic standards and project-based learning. The academy provides students with enriching extracurricular activities, on-site mental health and social services, childcare and health and dental care. The Mind Trust awarded in Christel House a Charter School Incubator award to expand the network beyond its original campus on the city’s Southside. As a result of this investment, Christel House expanded to create Christel House West.

Christel House Dropout Recovery School (DORS)-South

The Mind Trust’s award also helped Christel House found its DORS program on its original campus, which serves students between the ages of 16 and 21 who have left high school or are struggling to finish school. DORS allows students to earn their high school diploma while receiving credits toward a post-secondary credential.

KIPP Indy Unite Elementary School 


KIPP Indy is a network of public charter schools that was founded in 2004 and is authorized by the Mayor of Indianapolis to serve students in Kindergarten through 8th grades. The regional network is part of a national network of more than 180 free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for academic achievement and college success. The KIPP: Indy network currently includes two schools, KIPP Indy Unite Elementary and KIPP Indy College Prep Middle and will grow to serve students in grades K-12.

Tindley Collegiate Academy 

Tindley Seal Color

Since 2004, Tindley Accelerated Schools have provided a top-quality academic experience to its students. Schools in the Tindley network create a powerful learning environment that intellectually engages, inspires, and spurs academic achievement through a challenging and interactive college-preparatory curriculum. The Mind Trust supported the launch of Tindley Collegiate Academy, the all-girls middle school serving students in grades 6 through 8. The Tindley Accelerated Schools network includes five schools serving grades K-12.

George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy 

George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy is a public charter school that was founded in 2013 by Earl Martin Phalen of Summer Advantage USA. Summer Advantage was incubated in Indianapolis by The Mind Trust’s in 2009 and was then expanded to a full school model through the support of The Mind Trust’s Charter School Incubator to open the George and Veronica Phalen Leadership Academy. PLA uses a blended learning model which allows students to rotate from large-group instruction into individualized tutoring, small-group project work, online learning and independent study, maximizing the amount of individualized instruction students receive in math and language arts.