Network leaders

Supporting impactful school networks

The Mind Trust is proud to partner with school networks to grow their impact in Indianapolis, support their teachers and staff, and provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) resources.

We are proud to work with networks like Christel House Schools, Herron Classical Schools, KIPP Indy Public Schools, Paramount Schools of Excellence, Phalen Leadership Academies, Purdue Polytechnic High Schools, and Tindley Accelerated Schools.

Schools in these network serve thousands of students and families across Indianapolis, making an incredible impact on our city’s education landscape.

School support services

We offer a range of academic supports that provide school executives, leaders, and teachers with national caliber professional development and coaching. The supports we provide include:

  • Standards capacity-building
  • Instructional systems support
  • Ongoing instructional and executive coaching

Connect with us to learn how you can partner with our school support team.