Relay Educator Workshops

The Mind Trust is supporting two Relay workshop series this fall. Each series will be delivered through a cohort model and is designed for educators who are involved in instructional planning and implementation.

An individual school may register up to five participants per cohort. Seats in each cohort are limited and strictly first-come, first-served. More details on each cohort and individual sessions within these workshop series is below.

Cohort 1 – Accelerating student success

The registration deadline for this cohort is September 17.

Accelerating Student Success is designed to support educators in addressing learning interrupted by the pandemic. In this series, educators will learn to create inclusive and supportive learning environments through culturally responsive practices, accelerate learning by maintaining grade-level rigor, and drive responsive instruction through intentional student work analysis. This is a cohort experience, and each session will need to be taken in order. There are a total of six (6) sessions in this cohort. The session dates, times, and overviews are listed below.

Cohort 2 – Data deep dive

The registration deadline for this cohort is September 3.

Data Deep Dive is designed to confront the conundrum: “I taught it, but how do I know if students truly learned it?” In this series, teachers develop the skills and mindsets to implement strong data-informed instructional practices including how to collect, organize, and respond to data both in real-time and upon deliberate review of data during data meetings or planning periods. This series is grounded in equity to ensure that data-informed practices are intentionally executed to meet the needs of all students. For partners with participants enrolled in leadership programs, the series offers content for teachers that is complementary to our leadership curriculum. The session dates, times, and overviews are listed below.