School leaders & Aspiring Leaders

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Cultivating talented education leadership

The Mind Trust believes talented school leaders with a vision for equitable education can build schools where teachers are supported and all students can achieve at high levels. We are proud to have supported 27 school leaders in founding independent charter schools and Indianapolis Public Schools’ Innovation Network Schools.

We support current and aspiring school leaders with professional development opportunities, fellowships, and connections to organizations that can build their network and expertise.

Connect with local education leaders

Find local groups, organizations, and cohorts where you can connect with other school leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of students and families.

MelanatED Leaders

MelanatED Leaders builds a powerful community of education leaders of color across Indianapolis to inspire, educate, and edify each other for students of color. The group hosts events, workshops, and gatherings for leaders of color regularly. Follow them on Twitter to learn more.

Surge Academy Indianapolis

The Surge Academy is a signature program of the Surge Institute, a national nonprofit organization that educates, empowers and energizes educational leaders of color who will create transformative change in the communities they serve. The Academy explores an innovative and far-reaching approach to transforming urban education for our youth and communities.

Surge Academy participants spend six months developing, elevating and uniting emerging education leaders of color so they, as a coalition, can go on to build movements that influence, innovate and transform the education space with their own communities. Learn more about Surge Academy in Indianapolis.

School support services

We offer a range of academic supports that provide school executives, leaders, and teachers with national caliber professional development and coaching. The supports we provide include:

  • Standards capacity-building
  • Instructional systems support
  • Ongoing instructional and executive coaching

Connect with us to learn how you can partner with our school support team.