2020 - 2025 Talent Strategy

The Indianapolis talent challenge

Like many cities across the country, Indianapolis is experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in Center Township. Students continue to need a consistent pipeline of high-quality, diverse educators who are committed to our community of schools.

The Mind Trust believes a comprehensive strategy is needed to ensure every student has access to a high-quality educator in Center Township.

Talent Strategy Goal

The Mind Trust’s five-year Talent Strategy aims to recruit, develop, recognize, and retain high-quality diverse educator talent into the city of Indianapolis by ensuring schools set conditions for educators to feel supported and respected in their buildings and community.

Six Focus Areas

School talent systems and structures: Strategies to develop and maintain equitable talent practices across all school types, spur innovation, and support a thriving talent ecosystem.

Recruitment of educators to Center Township: Strategies to create a welcoming and supportive environment for educators, broaden pipelines, and intentionally focus on recruitment of educators of color.  

Educator development: Strategies that provide opportunities for educators to receive development, mentor others, lead and be heard, and create equitable talent practices to sustain a thriving, diverse ecosystem.

Educator recognition: Strategies for leaders to recognize and reward their staff, provide opportunities for educators to receive  monetary and non-monetary rewards, and to create a supportive, welcoming environment.

Educator retention: Strategies that support broad, diverse talent pipelines, provide opportunities for educators to lead and be recognized, and support city-wide retention of high-quality educators.

Re-imagination of Teach Indy: Teach Indy launched in 2018 as a partnership between The Mind Trust,  Indianapolis Public Schools and the Mayor’s Office to recruit teachers to Center Township schools. The site will relaunch in fall 2020 as a one-stop destination for educators across all levels to find development opportunities and engage in creating a strong talent ecosystem. Stay up to date with Teach Indy news by signing up for their e-newsletter here (scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out the Stay Connected form).

How can teachers and school leaders get involved?

Apply for a Talent Advisory Committee
As an educator, you work tirelessly to create outstanding educational opportunities for your students. Over the course of your tenure as an educator, you have gathered first hand knowledge about what works and what can be improved. With establishing the Teacher Task Force, we want educators to feel empowered and recommend solutions and have a direct role in helping shape the education landscape in Indianapolis.

The application for our Teacher Task Force and all other Talent Advisory Committees can be found here. Committees will meet, at minimum, quarterly. See the graphic below for more information about what each committee’s responsibilities will be. To apply, educators should currently be employed at a public school in Center Township (IPS District-Run, IPS Innovation Network Schools, or charter school). Download a TAC one-pager here.

How can community or education partners get involved?

Reach out to Sara Marshall 
Are you a school leader, nonprofit organization, business, or higher education institution that is interested in joining in this work? Please contact Sara Marshall, Senior Director of Talent, to learn how you can partner with The Mind Trust to help recruit, retain, develop, and reward Indianapolis educators.