The Mind Trust forms partnership with national education school

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Welcoming the nation’s brightest minds to Indy.

The Mind Trust introduces the winner of our School Design Competition.


Creating Great Public Schools for Every Student

Great schools are transformative. They improve the lives of the students they serve and create new possibilities for the communities where they’re located. At The Mind Trust, we aim to help create enough great schools so that every student in Indianapolis has the opportunity to attend one.

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We strive to provide every Indy student access to a quality school.

Raising the Bar

Public charter schools have been a significant force for improvement in U.S. public education. Despite successful growth in numbers and quality, the charter sector faces future challenges—ones which they will not overcome by doing more of the same.


Indianapolis is the fourth best city in America for family choice in education.
Students enrolled in charter schools for four consecutive years close the achievement gap with state peers.
A great teacher not only improves students’ test scores, but also increases their chances of going to college.
Through its incubators, The Mind Trust is building a network of schools and nonprofits in Indianapolis.
In 2014, the Mayor's Office, IPS and The Mind Trust partnered to launch Innovation Network Schools in IPS.
The majority of principals of schools incubated by The Mind Trust identify as people of color.