Press Releases | June 22, 2021

2021 Educators Assistance awards: $74,618 to 23 Indy teachers

young men sitting in classroom

The Mind Trust has announced $74,618 in Educators Assistance awards for 23 Indianapolis teachers. The Educators Assistance program’s goal is to eliminate the financial barrier of additional education for teachers who wish to grow professionally and advance their careers at schools in Center Township. 

“The Mind Trust is proud to provide Educator Assistance awards to twenty-four Center Township teachers who want to gain additional skills and knowledge for the benefit of their students and school communities,” said Kelli Marshall, Senior Vice President of Schools at The Mind Trust. “All Indianapolis students deserve teachers who are able to access advanced degrees, certifications, and professional development that can help them grow as educators.”

Awards range from $500 to $4,000 and will cover expenses for advanced degrees, certifications, and professional development during the 2021-2022 school year. All Education Assistance award recipients have served at least two years in the teaching profession and have made a two-year commitment to their current school. The program is part of The Mind Trust’s education talent strategy to recruit, develop, retain, and reward great educators at schools in Center Township. 

I am currently in the Urban Principalship program at IUPUI. This award will be help further my education and professional development as I seek educational leadership opportunities. As someone who has spent a fair share of money upon arrival in the classroom and throughout my early educator career, it is a positive sign that there are programs available for educators to broaden their skills for the improvement of student learning within their school communities.

Greg Sparks, Spanish Teacher at KIPP Indy Legacy High School

The 2021 Educator Assistance award recipients teach at district-run Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), IPS Innovation Network Schools, and public charter schools in Center Township. The recipients are: 

Brittany Bowling, Paramount Brookside 

Leanne Clark, Paramount Community Heights

Laura Commins, Lew Wallace School 107

Marchee Davis, Crispus Attucks High School

Christopher Faulkens, Positive Supports Academy

Paula Huston, Positive Supports Academy

Alexis Kokini, George Washington High School

Lorrie Lewallen, Victory College Prep

Bonnie McNeely, Riverside High School

Kevin Melrose, Northwest Middle School

Rebecca Norman, Paramount Community Heights

Crystal Perkins, Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

Nicole Schadek, Purdue Polytechnic High School

Sabrina Simpson, SENSE Charter School

Markie Soposky, Matchbook Learning

Greg Sparks, KIPP Indy Legacy

Emily Sturgess, Emma Donnan Elementary & Middle School

Lauren Wagner, Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School

Courtney Walson, George Washington High School 

Clark Wehmeier, Christel House Academy South

Tammy Willbanks, Positive Supports Academy

Keiseina Willis, Arsenal Technical High School

Samantha Yaros, Emma Donnan Elementary & Middle School 

“The Mind Trust believes teachers are critical to student success. We are thrilled to invest directly in teachers who are committed to the teaching profession and serving Center Township students,” said Brandon Brown, CEO of The Mind Trust.