Charter School Fellowship

Supporting Talented Charter School Leaders

The Charter School Fellowship drives the creation of high quality, public charter schools in Indianapolis. Like the Innovation School Fellowship, Charter School Fellows access one or two years or planning time and customized supports and training to help them develop an equitable school model for Indianapolis students and families.

The Mind Trust has supported the launch of 38 public schools. Seven independent, public charter schools in Indianapolis have been founded by former Charter School Fellows, including Paramount Englewood, pilotED: Bethel Park, and Invent Learning Hub.

There is not currently an open application cycle for Charter School Fellows.

“Our School Fellowships provide exceptional leaders with the necessary time and resources to design schools that are focused on creating strong and equitable academic outcomes for all students.”

Brandon Brown, CEO of The Mind Trust

Do you want to learn more about our School Fellowship application process, experience, or if this could be a fit for you? Contact Paula Glover to connect with our team.